Thread subject: Fly By Wires :: A.T.W.

Posted by Grumpy on 07-08-2021 21:45

Whaaa-aaT? ATW = Around The World I found this in and converted it from LNM to PlanG format. It is design-based on a pan Am DC6B series of flights from the early 50s, with some mods for airport changes, and more by me because the conversion from LNM to PlanG was less then perfect. Ok, Not all of us have a DC6B, and we dont want to fly for 22 hours to cross the Pacific. So, to that end, I have added in sections to bring the average leg length down to a reasonable amount. The recommended aircraft is a TBM950 which is actually considerable quicker then that DC6. We also all have one!! I have intended to NOT fly the major oceans, so... We start at ...... KLGA LaGuardia and head North East. Last hop is to CYQX Gander Intl. The flight will pick up at Shannon in Ireland at another date. Obviously, we are flying East-about. The initial flight plan is in Discord now.