Thread subject: Fly By Wires :: RTW #8 continued

Posted by Grumpy on 05-10-2021 19:39

Continuing... First things first. Remember we were discussing the lack of being able to easily see where the other flight members are? SOLVED, not by us, but by RAYMOND!!! Its called FLIGHT EVENTS, and can be downloaded from Do this, and follow the directions in the following... Click on "Join" in the top right corner, and download the top two links. The first one is the client, that we users run from OUR computer, and the other is an add-on for you community folder. The Addon for the community Folder links your client to the world database for Flight Events. Run your browser by clicking the link in the BOTTOM of the connection window. I will make sure Raymond is available to explain more fully tomorrow!! LOL However, he and I are running it and are suitable impressed. I really think having an extra monitor (or two) is a good thing for this sort of addon. failing that, you do get used to swapping back and forth with one monitor. I suppose. LOL Second bit. Because of mine own computer troubles, I haven't been able to create a new flight, so we are continuing with the RTW stuff The good news is, I have isolated my problem with my computer. After a laborious session with skinny little screwdrivers and miniscule screws, much muttering and cursing, and swapping "Stuff" backwards and forwards, I have isolated the problem to a faulty and intermittent power supply. Suck Cess!! Yesterday, 4 hours continuous Factoring, today, 2 hours of FS20.. Start point is USEU/UHQO. some 84 miles. See you later, Crocogator!!!