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In celebration of two things

Last updated on 7 months ago
First, stealing Raymond's thunder.......
The are moved into a house.
Raymond is experiencing a "Open EVERY box" moment as he cant find anything that he needs, NOW.
Ohhh how i remember THAT.

Sooo, in celebration of his doing this, we are going to fly from Winnipeg to The Pas in an airliner, drop some flour bombs, and continue on our merry way.

you favourite airline, please..

Usual start time, stay with dawn + 1. & PM eastern.

Winter is here!!

100 MPH winds in Cook Strait, ferries are cancelled surprise!!! 6 meter waves (20 ft) average.
NZWN is closed as well, the wind is coming from 16, so hovering over 34 is possible in larger aircraft.
loki's Tri-pacer is now a humming bird, full throttle and going backwards at 20 Kts.
The Southern Alps will be fantastic and it hasn't stopped yet.

Our mountain is as white and pure as the driven snow....


AND!!!!! At LAST!!!! 7 months later.....


No to start making a mounting plate for it, so it can be alongside a monitor and off the desk. I have a temporary bracket supporting it, so ham-fisted me doesn't break it!!

I have a Doctorrs appointment at 1030 tomorrow, I will be back at approximately the same time as I return.
Could somebody grab the baton for me please?

Flight plans are below
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