Thread subject: Fly By Wires :: Northern Italy.

Posted by Grumpy on 14-04-2020 18:29

Wear a mask, NO!! Wear FULL respirator gear!!!! Last Sunday was a great success, you all seemed to like it, so we are leaving Switzerland, and drifting south into Italy. Longest leg, 88 Nm. Suggested aircraft, a light twin, or medium fast single. NOT fast. I am going to persevere with the C195 that has a cruise of 170 KT and a range of 800 Nm. Lovely little thing, and about $USD9.00 from Just Flight. NO GPS but that's an easy fix. The flight.... Depart LIMA - Aeritalia at dawn + 1hr First stop, LILN - Venegono. 67 Nm, 55 Deg, Alt 1049 Flight plans below.