Thread subject: Fly By Wires :: Cookies (Biscuits) with peanuts, and coated with chocolate icing.

Posted by Grumpy on 18-04-2020 19:56

Afghans, WHY? I have no idea, but thats what I know them as. Why? Tomorrows flight is contained in the country of AFGHANISTAN. Unavoidably, the longest leg is 186 Nm. Aircraft suitable for rough airstrips, no lights, no ILS, mountainous terrain, who knows what sort of approaches. Camels, men in turbans, homemade Jazeels. be nice to the natives, they have fought and won 3 wars against the British, two against Russia, countless against akistan, Uzbekistan and all the other 'stans, and the US has eased off such a hopeles unwinnable cause. The Pathans are tough and brilliant allies. Start time, daytime, I have no wish to grope my way around these trackless wastes in the dark!! Best wishes........ Bob PS, flight plans and XLS file included.