Thread subject: Fly By Wires :: Still in the subcontinent

Posted by Grumpy on 28-04-2020 18:53

Continuing the Northern India flight. We will pick up the list at THOISE, (VI57) and go to VI66 Fukche. From there, we are still in the Northern hill country, and then duck over the border into Nepal for that last leg. Unless we finish earlier, then I will add a couple. I spoke to Art since our last flight, his new computer HAS arrived or is due today, so it will be head down, bum up, installing all the needful software. hopefully, he will be with us tomorrow. Quarantine has been lifted slightly, some light is shining under the curtain.
But those same people are complaining about having their freedoms curtailed for 4 weeks, and making stupid political statements about this NONE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING STILL ALIVE. NONE HAVE RETURNED THE $1500 the Govt has given every adult to spend and restart the local economy!!!
Hypocrisy of this nature should be a hanging offence. Ok, rant over. Tomorrow, Pick your favourite turboprop twin, Dawn start 7 PM eastern time. Ok, it ISNT a Turbopropped twin, but it IS a great shot!!!