Thread subject: Fly By Wires :: Not my Fault!!!

Posted by Grumpy on 02-05-2020 19:56

This is very simple. Its Stevies idea. I am doing the first leg, as below. SCAN to SCBQ Stevie is picking the NEXT destination after that. SCBQ to ?????? Then it will be the next person AFTER Steve in Teamspeak. And so on down the list as many times as needed. Keep the flight lengths suitable for the aircraft of the day, I suggest light Twins. 7 PM eastern start. Seems as the first wet spell of winter has arrived. Been raining since around 2 Am this morning How do know? The damn cat went hunting last night. Loves to catch rodents. Usually a mouse, but NO!!!! Last night was special, he brought in as a playmate, a bloody great RAT. Why doesn't he play outside? HAS to bring them in to show us. Yowling away until I came downstairs, and there they are. Arthur cat in typical cattish pose, staring contest with Mr Rat, who is braced up on his haunches, propped up with his tail, teeth bared. Rat makes a break for it, Arthur gives chase, corners rat in corner (of course). I go out to the garage and get a plastic ice-cream container, and lid. Back in the house. cat and rat have moved, back in the standoff pose. Different corner. I sneak, as much as a large fat bastid naked man CAN sneak, around and slap the plastic box over Mr Rat. AHAH!!! My beauty, i have you. Slide lid under box, rat has no choice but to allow this or have his feet endangered. Go outside to throw rat out on the lawn, and THAT is when I found out it was cold rain falling on my nekkidness. Wife? Fast asleep, knew nothing until her morning cup of tea. Regards etc B PS no plan, That is mentioned above.