Thread subject: Fly By Wires :: Revisit Utah.

Posted by Grumpy on 13-05-2020 00:32

Hi, guys. I have been out all day, having the kitchen cabinetry painted to match the new stuff. AT LAST!! 2 pot mix, smells of nasty solvent stuff. If I wake up dead because the house exploded, it was nice knowing you. If I DONT wake up dead, you are stuck with me for a few days yet. So, until then, as a quick and dirty plan, Start at Lemhi County, KSMN . First stop is an easy one, to settle your nerves etc, to the Flying b Ranch Strip, 12ID. 37 miles. Flight plans and etc as below... Pizza for dinner as its 5:30 PM and i cant be shagged cooking, Siwsan has hit the diet again and I LUUUURVE pizza. What to fly? Cessna singles, Piper singles. Anything small and under-powered will be fun. Tomorrow.......