Thread subject: Fly By Wires :: STILL in Utah(and Oregon and yet ANOTHER state0

Posted by Grumpy on 16-05-2020 18:03

Small change to the flight plans, gentle persons. Still (mostly) in Utah, but an aircraft change. Airliner!!!! Any one you like, leg lengths vary from 100 to 250 miles. Dont be daunted by the length of the Plan, I am looking into the future and if I need one we haven't done, run out of time etc, we can revisit it. Start at dawn, in Natrona. 7PM Eastern Time ALL stops have an ILS avail if you want to do that, or fly the damn areoplane! Sometimes, i fly this, stone cold PIG of an autopilot, but THAT as in the early days of autopilots. 1962 VC-10 But, more likely this one tomorrow. See you in the soup, you bring the pod, we will have a pea together....

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